assignment-problem Is a solution to the assignment problem.
travelling-salesman Is a solution to the travelling salesman problem.
crosstool-ng-libre gets crosstool-ng and patches it to use the linux-libre kernel instead of vanilla linux kernel, which contains blobs.
x-base-converter converts a number from one base into several other variable bases.
prime-factors finds the prime factors of numbers up to a certain point.
primes finds the prime numbers up to a certain point.
smoke-reducer has it's own page.
permute-and-combinations are a set of two programs. The first generates permutations. The second, combinations.
pretty-pictures has it's own page.
phatftp is a recursive download script that I got working on BSDs and Interix.
libzrtp-vlc-module is a module for VLC Video Player, which uses encryption to send streams.
betting-system was meant to predict randomness, it uses an algorithm similar to RBF networks.
olinuxinolime-archlinux was a successful attempt to put Arch Linux ARM on the A10 OLinuXino Lime. The Arch Linux ARM have now integrated support independently from this, so it's pretty much obsoleted.
Ionian has it's own page.
robovision was an attempt at robot vision using delaunay triangulation. I never did find an elegant way to compare the arrays afterwards though.
merge-string is a 'fun' program to merge to strings together.
sequence-analyser is another 'fun' program to see how similar two sequences of numbers are.

Note, I also have some collab code which can be found here (over at github).