Ionian was a preseeded version of Debian GNU/Linux which aimed to be (in no particular order):

1) Free (as in freedom).
2) Stable.
3) Mostly written in C.
4) Cross-platform (most programs chosen could also be run other operating systems).
5) Lightweight.
6) Easy to use.

Ionian is now unavailable mainly because of proprietary issues, but the source code is still available here.

Program Type Linux W*ndows Equivalent BSD/Un*x Equivalent Ap*le M*c Equivalent
Window Manager Openbox Built-in Openbox Openbox(Mac port)
Begin Menu fbpanel fbpanel (via Cygwin ports) fbpanel Built-in
Taskbar/System Tray fbpanel Built-in fbpanel Built-in
Sound Server PulseAudio PulseAudio PulseAudio PulseAudio
File Manager PCManFM Built-in PCManFM Built-in
Network Manager Wicd Built-in wpa_supplicant Built-in
Browser Chromium Chrome Firefox Chrome
Email/News Client Icedove Thunderbird Thunderbird Thunderbird
Instant Messaging Client aMSN aMSN aMSN aMSN
VOIP Client Linphone Linphone ? Linphone
IRC Client XChat XChat XChat XChat (Mac port)
FTP Client gFTP gFTP (via Cygwin ports) ? gFTP (Mac port)
Torrent Client Transmission Transmission (via Cygwin ports) Transmission Transmission
Gnutella Client Gtk-Gnutella Gtk-Gnutella Gtk-Gnutella Gtk-Gnutella (Mac port)
Soulseek Client Nicotine+ Nicotine+ Nicotine ?
Office Suite Open Office Open Office Open Office Open Office
Calculator Galculator Built-in Galculator Built-in
Text Editor Leafpad Built-in Leafpad Built-in
Archiver Xarchiver Xarchiver (via Cygwin ports) Xarchiver Xarchiver (Mac port)
Image Manipulator GIMP GIMP GIMP GIMP
Painting Program KolourPaint Built-in KolourPaint KolourPaint (Mac port)
Image Viewer Mirage Mirage (via Cygwin ports) ? ?
Media Player VLC Media Player VLC Media Player VLC Media Player VLC Media Player
Audio Editor Audacity Audacity Audacity Audacity
CD/DVD Burner Brasero ? Brasero ?
ISO Editor ISO Master ? ? ?
Darknet Support GNUnet-gtk ? ? ?
Bluetooth Manager Blueman ? ? ?