Field Dressing Animals

Use every part, respectfully, knowing that our ancestors became the soil that turned into the plants that fed the animals. Think seven generations ahead. See also, “Food – Preservation”.

field dressing tools [ obsidian flake x-acto knife ; stone axe ]
field dressing process [ bleeding ; skinning & de-hairing; gutting; jointing; cutting ]
skinning specifics [ gloves ; cut paws ; cut down limbs ; cut down or around head ; cutdown body cavity ; cut around genitals & anus ; remove skin ]
sinew & marrow
meat cutting [against the grain ]
signs of taint [ milky eyes ; spotted organs ; missing fur patches ; bugs eating ; find signof death]
meat cuts [e.g. loins , tenderloins, backstrap, etc.; use intestines for sausage ]
organ identification & use [ eat organs first as they spoil quickly]
dried blood for waterproofing
transporting carcasses