The rest:

gamespreadsheet Is a spreadsheet, testing support for which libre, Debian (stretch) games [can] use an Xbox 360 controller and the xpad driver.
magicmirror was a HTML5 test to see if human perception can build an image out of randomness. Click on the image when the dots appear and they stay, click the image when the dots disappear and you get a new set of dots.
data-forecast Is a HTML page that creates a forecast based on data you give it.
search Aggregated search based on OpenSearch plugins.
insightgenerator Finds dbpedia semantic suggestions (links) relating to the text you put in the box - sorted by frequency.
plusonebijectivebinary Converts decimal to plus one, bijective binary.
pentatonicbells Using javascript, play some combination of pentatonic bells
pairsgame Play a game of matching pairs